ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis, or A.B.A., is an evidenced based variant of talk therapy used to assist families and children with problem behaviors.  A.B.A. is probably most recognized as a treatment for autism spectrum disorder, though research into its applicability for other behavioral health diagnosis is extensive.  At present A.B.A. is offered to pediatric clients of the facility for autism spectrum disorder.

Service Overview:

  • Target Population: Children/Adolescents
  • Diagnoses: Autism / Autism Spectrum Disorder (A.S.D.)
  • Visits: 50-60 minutes
  • Mechanism: Assessment of child behavior by skilled clinician

A more comprehensive explanation of ABA therapy can be provided by phone or during a consultation appointment.  Questions regarding ABA can typically be addressed in such appointments in greater detail than may be practical at  ABA is often provided in combination with other psychotherapies as well as medication management.

Questions: 1-833-394-7998