Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

ABC Medical provides a diversity of behavioral health and addiction services.  These services include medication management, psychotherapy, TMS treatments, genetic testing and other treatments.

Who is eligible for your services?

We offer services to individuals of all ages. Our experienced clinicians offer individual, family, and couples counseling as well as medication management and various specialized services such as TMS and genetic testing.  Addiction services are also available.

Do you accept health insurance?

Most major health insurances are accepted. We currently accept many commercial insurances and Medicare. For an up-to-date listing of our insurances feel free to call our office.

Where are services located?

ABC Medical provides services both in person at our Reading, Massachusetts, location and remotely over a telemedicine medium.  We presently offer services only to individuals in Massachusetts and do not offer services across state lines.

Do you offer addiction treatment?

We offer various treatments for individuals experiencing addiction, including medications, such as Suboxone or Vivitrol, and counseling. Ambulatory detox services are also offered. Drug testing is provided on premises for eligible candidates.

Do you offer TMS treatment?

Yes.  Our organization maintains one of the few TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, machines in the region.  Our TMS machine also is the only model tested in individuals who have metalic objects in their skull and remains one of the few used in veterans of the Iraq Wars and Aghan conflict.

Do you accept students?

Yes.  Our organization has clinical relationships with two different degree granting institutions and created a program for eligible individuals to earn their psychiatric nurse practitioner degree as well as alcohol & drug addiction counseling license.  Our clinical director has in fact spent much of his time educating individuals in the field of mental illness and addiction.  If interested in studying at ABC Medical please call our main office 833-394-7998.

What makes your organization special or unique?

There are several features which make our organization unique.  In addition to treating a diversity of behavioral health populations, accepting various insurances and providing treatment to a large number of clients our organization maintains a mission to further mental illness treatment.  We are one of the few institutions offering TMS services in the region, serve as an educational institution, offer services in Spanish, and have sponsored several research studies.  Our staff are among the most diverse, with clinicians from multiple nations, and many from esteemed backgrounds.  In 2023 alone our organization sponsored two studies which were published in peer reviewed medical journals, two poster presentations presented at AACAP and APA respectively and completed cohort study which was later featured in a peer reviewed medical journal.

Do you offer services in other languages?

Yes.  Our organization employs certified medical interpreters for its customers, offering more than one hundred different languages and doing so with both confidentiality and accuracy.  Additionally, many of the organizaitons’ staff are bilingual or multilingual.  Psychotherapy services are also presently available with a staff member who is fluent in the Spanish language.