Medication Management

Medication management, or psychopharmacology, is the term used to describe the use of medications to treat mental illness.  Medication management originated in the initial decades following the founding of psychiatric practice.  Since their use in the early 20th century, medication management has increased in complexity, with dozens of medications now available for a diversity of psychiatric conditions.  At ABC Medical skilled clinicians expertised in the use of such medications are available to review treatment options.

Service Overview:

  • Target Population: Adults, Children, Families.
  • Diagnoses: behavioral, addiction and neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Visits: 30-60 minutes
  • Mechanism: Medication

A more comprehensive explanation of medications offered by ABC Medical can be provided by phone or during a consultation appointment. Questions regarding medication can typically be addressed in such appointments in greater detail than may be practical at Medication managment may be provided alone or in combination with the other treatments offered by ABC Medical.

Questions: 1-833-394-7998