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Our organization continues to examine new and emerging treatments for its clients.  Consistent with this mission, the leadership of our organization assesses treatments on a regular basis, pursuing certifications where applicable and partnering with clinicians who can offer our clients more choices for their healthcare needs.  Some highlights of our efforts are noted below.

Service Overview:

  • Massachusetts Marijuana Program – Commenced 2022.
  • L.D.A.C. Certification Program – Commenced 2021.
  • Esketamine Treatment Center Certification – Granted 2020.
  • Quality Improvement/Research Projects – Since 2019.
  • Teaching Relationships With Two Different Degree Granting Organizations – Since 2019.
  • Improved Onsite Drug Testing – Since 2019.
  • Genetic Testing – Since 2021.
  • T.M.S. Group – Since 2024

A more comprehensive explanation of the services offered can be provided by phone or during a consultation appointment.  Questions regarding our organization can typically be addressed in such appointments in greater detail than may be practical at  Our services are often provided in combination with other treatments offered by the organization.

Questions: 1-833-394-7998