Weight Loss Program

See how we get you weight loss treatment for as little as $99 per month

ABC Medical offers a comprehensive weight loss program.  A typical weight loss client will receive monthly visits with a prescribing clinician, weekly visits with a counselor, and monthly orders of weight loss drugs.  Periodic weight measures are also employed to assess health status and progress.  Our program offers unique ways to obtain these drugs at reduced prices and has had success in clients who ordinarily struggle to loose weight.

Program Elements:

  • Doctor/NP visits: Monthly
  • Individual Counseling: Weekly
  • Group Counseling: Weekly
  • Medication (ie Ozempic, Wegovy, etc.): Ordered monthly.
  • Lab work/Weight Measure: Periodically. 

Does your program offer Ozempic and Wegovy?

Absolutely. ABC Medical offers these drugs as well as other treatments as part of our comprehensive obesity treatment program. 

How much would my medication typically cost?

As little as $99 per month.  Our program routinely offers its weight loss drugs at significantly reduced rates.  In the event your insurance doesn’t cover your medication we can typically get such drugs mailed to your door for as little as $99 per month. 

Who is eligible for your services?

We presently offer this program to essentially any adult patient who is overweight-obese who can otherwise safely receive the medications for these conditions.

Do you accept health insurance for the weight loss services?

Yes.  Most major health insurances are accepted. We currently accept many commercial insurances and Medicare. For an up-to-date listing of our insurances feel free to call our office.

Does the treatment work?

Yes, the majority of clients experience substantial weight loss with the treatment program we offer.  Internal data suggests that a patient may experience a roughly a 25% reduction in their body weight by month six of care.

How does someone enroll in your weight loss program?

Call 833-394-7998.  When reaching the office be prepared to have your insurance information on hand.  After registering a member of our staff will create a profile and have you complete intake paperwork.  This paperwork can be done electronically.  After registering one can expect a visit in as little as a few days and their first weight loss prescription in that visit.