Tic Disorder Treatment Program:

Tic Disorder Treatment Program

Tic disorders are conditions characterized by involuntary bothersome contraction of muscles in the body.  ABC Medical has developed a program dedicated to this population with  a unique and  innovative treatment.  If you are a family member experiences a tic disorder feel free to reach and a consultation can be done.

Tic Disorder Treatment:

  • All treatments are in network with insurance with few if any exceptions.
  • Access to a team of clinicians who have specific experience at points in their career with the tic disorders.
  • Ongoing research and teaching dedicated to understanding this braind disorder.

To learn more call 1-833-394-7998 or e-mail us at register@abcmedical.com.  When reaching us feel free to inform us that you are, or a family member experiences a tic disorder disorder and an appropriate member of our staff will address your treatment needs.  ABC Medical attests to being one of the few facilities with a specific program dedicated to this common bothersome brain disorder.

Call: 833-394-7998