Psychotherapy & Counseling

Often called counseling or talk therapy, this service relies on regular discussions with a therapist and is aimed at helping with personal change.  Psychotherapy originated early in the history of behavioral healthcare and involves the repeated discussions with a mental health provider.  Since its inception psychotherapy has evolved with various schools of thought and increasingly complex approaches to management.  At ABC Medical we offer a diversity of types of talk therapy, conducted by seasoned staff in a private and secure environment.

Service Overview:

  • Target Population: Adults, Children, Families.
  • Diagnoses: behavioral, addiction and neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Visits: 45-60 minutes
  • Mechanism: Talking / Discussion

A more comprehensive explanation of medications offered by ABC Medical can be provided by phone or during a consultation appointment. Questions regarding therapy can typically be addressed in such appointments in greater detail than may be practical at Psychotherapy/counseling may be provided alone or in combination with the other treatments offered by ABC Medical.

Questions: 1-833-394-7998